Prozis 10cm Leather Belt

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Prozis Leather Belt 10cm — More support. More power.

If one thing is certain in the world of weightlifting, it’s that everyone tries hard to lift heavier and heavier; and when it comes to Squats and Deadlifts, they might need some extra help to achieve their goal — we’re talking about a proper belt, of course. Prozis Leather Belt is a sturdy 10 cm wide belt, made with high-quality leather, that provides the support your core needs during heavy lifting.
It stabilises your entire mid-section, reducing stress on the lower back and helping the body maintain a correct position during lifting.

Size S: Minimum length: 65 cm Maximum length: 85 cm
Size M: Minimum length: 75 cm Maximum length: 95 cm
Size L: Minimum length: 80 cm Maximum length: 100 cm

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