D•TOX 60 kapslit (Parim enne 05.18)

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Quantity: 60 capsule(s)
Serving size: 3 capsule(s)
Servings per container: 20

The liver is one of the main organs which eliminates toxins from our body, the other three organs involved are the kidneys, intestines and skin. The liver is present in almost all metabolic processes in our body, from the digestive process, passing through the release of glucose, protein synthesis until the fundamental elimination of toxins. Substances such as tobacco, alcohol, fast food and pollution flood our body's with toxins, most of these toxins are soluble in fat, this means that the first step in the detoxification process is the liver. The liver has to filter these toxins and make them soluble in water in order to be
expelled by the body.
DTOX by Bodyraise was formulated to promote the elimination of toxins in the various steps of detoxification
For athletes, the livers role becomes even more important due to its fast metabolism, it potentiates a greater metabolism of sugars, this fact is directly related to the production of toxins. The accumulation of all theses factors may lead to the malfunctioning of the liver, which has detrimental effects on our body, promoting obesity, bad sporting performance, premature ageing and even degenerative diseases.
DTOX was developed with a powerful formula containing flavonoids, which besides helping the liver eliminate excess toxins it also increases protein synthesis in the liver, by producing new cells to substitute damaged ones, in this way it strengthens the liver from daily aggressions and ensures its efficiency. But DTOX goes a step further in promoting liver function in the first stage, it helps the liver transform soluble fats into water, it's present in the second stage as a purifying action which eliminates toxins through the urine and skin. Besides this it has been enriched with Vitamins and Minerals and has a powerful
anti-oxidant effect.
DTOX is a key ally in the process of weight loss
DTOX is ideal to fight obesity, which is mostly related to malfunction of the liver, due to an accumulation of fats in this organ. DTOX is also a good ally for all people who take other supplements, as it improves all functions responsible for the absorption of nutrients.

• Formula for Liver Detoxification;
• Powerful purifying formula
• Improves nutrient/supplement absorption
• Hepatic regenerative action
• Fighting obesity
• Antioxidant

Take 3 capsules per day, with meals.