Xtreme Amino Liquid 500ml

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XCORE Xtreme Amino Liquid prepares you for your next workout
Xcore presents Xtreme Amino Liquid, the most efficient way to consume amino acids to avoid muscle loss, increase recovery and promote muscle growth.Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscles and are essential to help create and maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which is important for new muscle growth. Amino acids also play a key role in preventing catabolic breakdown of muscle proteins, which help to rebuild muscle tissue after intensive exercise.
Xtreme Amino Liquid increases muscle mass, avoids catabolism and radically speeds up muscle recovery
Muscle recovery is just as important as the actual exercise, the anabolic procedure comprises the rupture of muscle fibres and the creation of new ones, if the recovery is inefficient the muscle fibres are never completely restored, this can lead to lesions and stagnation.
All you need to recover and grow!
Xtreme Amino Liquid has more than 20 amino acids of the best quality which are necessary for building muscle and to maintain vital body functions. Xtreme Amino Liquid utilizes the Hydro-Amino bond. This bond helps enable the aminos to be assimilated faster since they have already been hydrolysed. This allows for rapid utilization and a quick and easy assimilation.

• Improves muscle recovery
• Prevents Catabolism/Muscle loss
• Transports Nitrogen which promotes muscle growth
• Improves protein synthesis
• Helps to maintain favourable levels of testosterone
• Enhances immune well-being
• Improves energy levels

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