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TESTOID plays a part throughout the entire anabolic process. From testosterone production and an increase in androgen receptors, to aromatase inhibitors, nothing was left out. As if this wasn't enough, TESTOID's formula was enriched with ingredients that further enhance the efficiency of every complex in it.
With a single 9 gram serving, TESTOID goes to battle on every front of the anabolic process. This can only be possible because TESTOID is an anabolic powder. You would have to chug down more than 13 pills to experience the same benefits TESTOID can provide in a mere 9 grams of powder. We now present the extraordinary complexes that make TESTOID the most potent pro-hormonal supplement ever developed.
T-HGH Boost ComplexFollow the hormone brick road This is the first complex of the TESTOID formula and it is also its base. T-HGH is a complex of ingredients that were carefully combined with one simple and unconditional objective: to drastically boost your testosterone and growth hormone levels. Our researchers at Xcore determined this could not be achieved with one ingredient acting by itself. Our body is regulated by a complex network of hormones that establish mutual interactions. With this in mind, T-HGH was designed with three ingredients that have a complete action over all the fundamental aspects in testosterone production.
• D-Aspartic Acid increases luteinizing hormone release in more than 30% and testosterone release in more than 40%.
• Agmatine Sulfate enhances production of Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which, in turn, enhances production of         luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone.
• Agmatine Sulfate promotes noradrenalin and dopamine release.
• Boron citrate increases free testosterone levels and reduces estradiol, the female sex hormone.

AndroDOPA™A binding matter

There are two main factors that determine the efficiency with which testosterone is used in muscle protein synthesis: the amount of testosterone produced and the amount of androgen receptors. Our AndroDOPA™ complex approaches the latter. “Androgen” is the generic name given to steroid hormones (such as testosterone). In order for testosterone to perform its functions, it needs to bind itself to androgen receptors. In turn, androgen receptors activate testosterone, prompting it to start synthesizing protein, which results in muscle development. The more androgen receptors you have, the more testosterone molecules you will be able to bind together. In short, it is no use having a significant endogenous testosterone production if it has nothing to bind itself to.
Our AndroDOPA™ complex increases the number of androgen receptors in the cells. To team up with this effect, AndroDOPA™ also supplies L-Dopa, an amino acid that the brain converts into dopamine. Scientific research has shown dopamine significantly increases growth hormone levels and reduces prolactin, a hormone that hinders testosterone production.
AndroDOPA™ also reduces the production of somatostatin, a hormone known for inhibiting growth hormone production.
 L-carnitine tartrate increases the number of androgen receptors in the cells.
 L-carnitine tartrate improves testosterone usage and luteinizing hormone secretion.
 Vicia faba supplies L-Dopa, that promotes growth hormone secretion and inhibits hormones that reduce testosterone circulation.

7M-Aromatase Block If it's testosterone you want, testosterone you will get

Due to several factors commonly associated to modern life, such as the consumption of foods processed with chemicals, sedentarism, stress, and even genetic factors, our body converts a substantial part of our testosterone into estrogen, the female sexual hormone.
This process takes place due to an enzyme called aromatase, which transforms testosterone into estrogen.
When testosterone is converted into estrogen, you miss out on the incredibly anabolic power of the male sex hormone. Aside from reinforcing typically male characteristics, like body hair, or a deep and manly voice, testosterone also plays a crucial role in developing lean muscle, since it enhances the body's ability to synthesize protein molecules and convert them into muscle cells. When aromatase hijacks your testosterone and turns it into estrogen, it's like you had the magical potion to build muscle in you, and then aromatase comes and takes it away from you. It's a terrible waste that will cost you months of hard work at the gym. And that's not even the bad news! The real bad news come when you start experiencing the effects of high levels of estrogen in your body.
Much like when testosterone enhances male traits, estrogen does something similar, except it enhances female characteristics. Men with high levels of estrogen running through their body will have a tendency to gain weight quicker through subcutaneous fat build-up, they may experience male breast growth – also known as gynecomastia –, they may suffer from infertility, heart attack, prostate problems, cancer, and low sex drive. Make no mistake about it, aromatase does more than merely ruin your gains. It may very well ruin your life. Fortunately, TESTOID comes with 7M-Aromatase Block, the most advanced weapon in the war against aromatase. With its chemical structure, 7M-Aromatase Block binds itself to the aromatase enzyme and deactivates it, thus allowing testosterone to run its anabolic course. With lower aromatase levels, you boost the testosterone in your plasma, making you stronger, more resistant, and far more
anabolic than without an aromatase inhibitor.
 Methoxyflavone is the most powerful natural aromatase inhibitor.

ErgoComplex The helping hand that makes the difference

Last, but not least, TESTOID was formulated with ErgoComplex, an exclusive complex by Xcore Nutrition, especially developed to support the uptake and subsequent action of each and every ingredient in TESTOID's formula. ErgoComplex was designed with three ingredients: Piper nigrum Extract, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), and Ginkgo biloba Extract.
Each of these ingredients acts through different mechanisms to boost the effect of the complexes described above.
 Black pepper increases the ingredients effectiveness.

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