NUTREX LIPO 6 STIM FREE - 120 Liqui caps

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LIPO-6 STIM-FREE is a weight-loss support formula that does not contain any stimulant ingredients.
It is also 100% caffeine-free which makes it the perfect choice for those who wish to avoid stimulants altogether while looking to reduce body fat and lose weight.
It is also a great choice for people who like to alternate between weight-loss support products that do not utilize stimulants and the ones that do.
LIPO-6 STIM-FREE comes in fast-absorbing liquid capsules for quicker effects. Its stimulant-free ingredients are embedded in natural vegetable capsules. Offering animal-free capsule material of pure plant origin makes this product a wonderful pick for the health conscious person.

- Stimulant Free Weight Loss Support Formula
- 100% Caffeine-Free
- Fast-Absorbing Liquid Capsules
- Full 30 Day Suppy

Take 2 Liqui-Caps of Lipo-6 Stim-Free in the morning and 2 more Liqui-Caps of Lipo-6 Stim-Free in the afternoon. For extra effects take 2 more Liqui-Caps of Lipo-6 Stim-Free before going to bed. For best results do not take with a meal. Be consistent and take daily. DO NOT EXCEED 6 LIQUI-CAPS PER DAY.

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