L-Carnitine 2200 495 ml

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L-Carnitine is a metabolite that resembles an amino acid. Its main function is to carry fatty acids in circulation in our blood directly to the place where cells produce energy, the mitochondria. Every living cell in our body contains mitochondria, which are almost like microscopical powerhouses, since they break down fatty acids and convert them into energy, which the cells then use to perform the functions they are responsible for.
However, the cells need L-Carnitine to act as a vehicle for the fatty acids to be delivered, otherwise, this fat ends up leaving the circulatory system and is stored away in the body as fatty tissue.
Being aware of the tremendous impact L-Carnitine can have on anyone who is looking to burn fat and improve their physical performance, we developed L-Carnitine 2200, a formula composed of pure L-Carnitine and enhanced with Vitamin B5, which contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism, working together with L-Carnitine to maximise its effects.
Moreover, Okygen Sports L-Carnitine 2200 provides this compound in a highly available liquid form that is is easily digested and absorbed, promptly ready to be used by the body.

• 2,200 mg of L-carnitine per serving
• Highly bioavailable liquid form of L-carnitine
• Added Vitamin B5 for enhanced action
• Produced in a certified laboratory
• Recommended for physically active people

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