Diet Bar 35 g

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Diet food doesn’t have to be flavourless.
A sweet treat you can have whenever you want… even when dieting
Being on a diet while living a fast-paced routine can be very challenging. Some days, you just haven’t the time to prepare your meals ahead. Other times, you would kill for something sweet and eventually succumb to a rollercoaster of cravings. So, how can you keep a successful and flavourful weight-loss diet?
Nutritionally balanced snacks are the secret! Diet Bar by Prozis Diet brings together the benefits of protein and the satiating effect of fibre in mouth-watering flavour combinations to help you pursue your fitness goals and make it through your busy days.
Who is it for?
For those who want to lose weight and control their appetite throughout the day, in an easy and healthy way.
What is it for?
Decreasing feelings of hunger, controlling appetite, and reducing food intake.
Have you heard about the latest low calorie fibre sweetener?
Diet Bar by Prozis Diet is packed with isomalto-oligosaccharides, or IMOs: a low calorie fibre sweetener. As a naturally sweet fibre with prebiotic properties, IMO makes you feel fuller for longer, helping you control your appetite throughout the day. So it's easy to understand why it's the latest favourite ingredient of dieters and healthy eaters.
Truly satisfying and delicious, the Diet Bar is the snack that you should keep in your lunch box or gym bag for every occasion - it's totally worth it and guilt-free!
• Rich in protein
• Low in sugars
• High in fibre
• Contains IMOs: a low calorie fibre sweetener
• Satiating effect
• Delicious flavours
• Ideal for weight-loss diets
• A dieter's best friend
The Diet range by Prozis is a series of safe and effective solutions to help you through your weight loss journey.
Each product combines powerful ingredients known to the industry of weight loss supplementation as the ones with the most proven results.
Along with regular exercise and a balanced diet, these products will get you one step closer to your goal.
To enhance your results, combine with:
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