Beta Alanine 100caps

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Beta Alanine is an non-essential amino acid for sports people – professional or amateur – who want to increase their strength and endurance when training. The lack of this amino acid can limit a long duration activity. Beta alanine function is increasing carnosine levels in muscles, helping maintaining strength for much longer.

Enjoy the feeling of reaching or even exceeding your goals thanks to XCORE Beta Alanine
Last studies on beta alanine indicate that beta alanine supplementation for about 1 month raises carnosine concentration up to 65%, thus increasing muscle strength and power and improving aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Beta alanine is a precursor amino acid of carnosine, that is, without beta alanine muscles cannot produce enough carnosine to support an intense workout. Carnosine has the ability to buffer lactic acid released during muscle efforts, maintaining a constant intracellular pH. Lactic acid increase in muscles is directly related to a performance drop.

Enjoy more powerful and demanding workouts with XCORE Beta Alanine
XCORE Beta Alanine improves blood circulation increasing oxygen and nutrients delivery to muscles. Thanks to the delay and reduction of fatigue your trainings will be more intense, and the rest between sets will be shorter.

• Delays the onset of fatigue.
• Increases strength.
• Increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance.
• Improves muscle recovery.


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