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Quantity: 1814 g
Serving size: 1 scoop(s) (25.0 g)
Servings per container: 72


Due to its rich and complete amino acid profile, meat protein is widely considered the best protein of all. Several studies prove that protein opens the doors to muscular development, providing muscle fibres with the ingredients they need to recover and grow.
Each serving of Beef Protein provides 28 grams of high quality microfiltered protein, as well as other key ingredients that will activate your muscles' growth mechanisms.

Beef Protein – Protein raised to a higher level
To develop Beef Protein, we have selected the best ingredients available and, through an advanced extraction and isolation process, we managed to obtain a high quality and remarkably pure protein. We added digestive enzymes to enhance the absorption of every single last nutrient in this formula. Beef Protein is pure and simply unbeatable in terms of absorption.

Even being completely artificial sweeteners-free and simple sugars-free, Beef Protein still has one of the best flavours in the market. This was made possible because Beef Protein was sweetened with nothing but steviol glycosides, a 100% natural sweetener.
The best protein to build muscle mass Beef Protein is more concentrated than beef, or than whey. This means it has higher
protein and creatine concentration levels than beef and whey. Besides, it is virtually lactose and gluten-free, and it is low in fat and sugars.
We have enriched Beef Protein with nutrients that stimulate anabolism and we increased its absorption rate by adding a key ingredient: coconut milk. This element speeds up the protein synthesis process, which increases muscle fibres.

• More than 80% beef protein
• Promotes an increase in muscle mass
• Promotes anabolism
• Speeds up recovery
• More concentrated than beef and whey
• Enriched with BCAAs
• Virtually lactose and gluten-free
• Low in fat and sugars
• No artificial sweeteners
• Sweetened with steviol glycosides

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