Anatest SS 60 tabs

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The new Anatest Sport Series is a potent natural anabolic supplement with a powerful concentrated formula to help you reach extreme results. By raising your testosterone and growth hormone levels, it will increase your muscle mass, strength, libido, self-confidence and the desire to face new challenges, while also reducing body fat.
Hormones play a fundamental role in our body. They are responsible for regulating our metabolism, and determine when we gain or lose muscle mass, and when we lose or put on weight.
This is why Xcore Nutrition has developed Anatest, a powerful formula that works synergistically to produce a true anabolic explosion, gearing up your body for the next time you train with weights.
Now even stronger Anatest now comprises a more powerful Tribulus terrestris extract standardised to contain 98% Saponins, one of the highest concentrations you'll find in a natural hormone booster.
The new formula has been further enriched with Stinging Nettle extract, a natural compound widely used to inhibit the action of the enzyme aromatase, which converts androgens such as testosterone into estrogens.

Powerful anabolic effect
More strength and energy
Natural increase in testosterone levels
Less fatigue after training
Increase in IGF-1/Growth Hormone
Anti-aging/antioxidant effect
Improves sleep and reduces stress
Improves the immune system
Enhanced with Stinging Nettle extract
Highly concentrated Tribulus terrestris extract (98% Saponins)
Contains Immunoglobulins and Saw Palmetto extract
Provides Zinc and Vitamins A, C and E
Totally natural, safe and effective
Specially designed for serious athletes

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