100% Hi-Protein Standard Improved Flavour 2268g

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Serving size: 1.5 scoop(s) (25.0 g)
Servings per container: 90

WIN Nutrition created 100% Hi-Protein Standard with the goal to satisfy professional athletes and sportspersons needs. 100% Hi-Protein Standard contains a proprietary blend with multiple time-release so that the protein is released over a long period of time.
This avoids the state of catabolism (muscle loss), besides this it prolongs the feeling of satiety avoiding excessive calorie ingestion.
Why ingest protein?
Your muscles, vital organs and Immune System are made of protein. Men and women of all ages should certify that they take the recommended quantities needed on a daily basis for the correct functioning of the metabolism, to maintain good health.
Several studies worldwide demonstrate the many benefits of protein intake,from building lean body mass, fat loss, metabolic and hormonal balance and strengthening of the immune system. Protein is present in all living beings and it is what we are made of. It is clear that our body needs a constant source of protein to repair damaged tissue/fibres and
to regulate the metabolism over the years. Whether you do sport or not, your body is constantly destroying and building new tissue in the body, as is in the case of the muscles skin and all vital organs.Protein is naturally present in food such as meat, fish and soya - important nutriments in everybody's diet, and in particular that of an athlete. Unfortunately,
nowadays most people's diet is far from an ideal diet, rich in protein. The lack of protein may lead to several problems, such as, the weakening of the Immune System, prolonged fatigue, low energy levels and other degenerative diseases.

• 20g of protein
• 5 natural sources of protein
• 5 different time releases
• 80% concentrated protein
• Essential amino acids
• Avoids catabolism
• Increases muscle mass

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